Art Projects for Ascent Academy Students

Fun Art Project 2: Who Will You Become?

IMG 8508

In this painting project, you will collage another painting you do that incorporates words about who you are and who you wish to become onto a self-portrait painting.

1. Begin by writing words on an unlined, blank piece of art paper that descibe who you are: Daughter, son, sister, brother. Think of these practical desciptions as well as descriptive words such as "powerful,” “quiet,” “funny.” Then add words about who you would like to become or qualities you would like to develop: “patient,” “animal trainer.”

2. On the other side of the paper paint an abstract, brightly colored design. Set it aside to dry.

3. Using a second piece of art paper draw and paint a self-portrait head. You can make it realistic by looking at a photo or in a mirror. Or you can make it an imaginary image of yourself.  Do not draw or paint hair. Include a plain background using neutral colors. 

4. Return to the original painting. Cut it into pieces and shapes that you would like to represent the missing hair on your portrait. Using a glue stick, glue the hair shapes onto the head of your portrait. 

Art Therapy Activity 2: Painting Emotions

emotion paintings

1. Divide a piece paper into 6 or 8 squares by folding. 

2. Write an emotion at the bottom of each square. 

3. Using watercolor or other art supplies, paint any design you think represents each emotion. Think of representations such as color that illustrate the emotion and shapes tht give form to the emotion. Try to make each composition abstract by avoiding words, face and recognizeable images. 

4. Choose your favorite and write on a post it note why it is your favorite.

Art Therapy Activity 1: Mindfulness

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 9.41.40 AM

Mindfulness is about being present in the moment, about taking your mind off problems, worries and stressors. This exercise uses art and music to recenter your thoughts and to focus your mind in the present. There is no right or wrong way to do this-trust your intuition!

1. Choose a song. Music without words works especially well but it should also be something you enjoy.

2. Begin by listening to the music, really listening. How does the rhythm affect the feelings you want to express? Does how fast or slow (tempo) the music is affect how it makes you feel? Does a certain image come to mind?

3. Using your art materials, try to represent the feeling of the music on the page. Allow any images that come to your mind as you listen to flow into the artwork. 

Let the emotion of the music guide your experience in the moment. How does it make your body feel? What emotions does the music or art making bring up for you?

Does the final result give you inspiration for more art? Can you make a piece of art that more fully develops the ideas in the first artwork?

Did the experience focus your mind on the music in a new way?

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 9.41.55 AM

Explore Digital Art Online!

I made this Street Art on my iPad at I call it “Sculpture Riding Horse”. I also painted a landscape of my favorite place, Coney Island in Brooklyn. I included a beach towel, beach chair and umbrella because this gear was essential to an enjoyable beach day for me. This picture also reminds me how my friends and I used to spend Memorial Day and Labor Day exploring all the beaches in New York-we went to a different one on these two holidays every year together for ~5 years. We would always take a picnic lunch so I painted a picnic basket in my landscape. And we always seemed to have random things happen during each adventure. Such great memories!

IMG 0122 3

IMG 0123

Did you know? Every student and teacher in Utah can use Adobe software including Photoshop and Illustrator for free?! You can create amazing digital art with photoshop and illustrator. There are lots of online tutorials for using these projrams including on YouTube. Check out the online adobe digital storytelling apps Spark Video, Spark Page, and Premiere Rush. One of my favorite Adobe programs you can access in Premiere Pro, a great video editing App. It makes industry standard, professional quality videos. Ms. Cecil is also a great resource for learning about the Adobe software Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and InDesign. She has taken college classes to learn how to use them.  There are phone and tablet versions of this software too!

Other sites where you can explore making digital art online:

1.  Art Pad  - A great painting site that records a picture while it's created to create a time lapse effect. This is one of the best websites to create digital art online for free. 

2.  Slimber - An excellent site for drawing & painting with some beautiful examples. This is one of the best websites to create digital art online for free. 

3.  Bomomo - A fun site where users can create unique pictures with different templates (ie, Pixie). This is one of the best websites to create digital art online for free. 

4.  Doink - A great site for creating animated art with a Web 2.0 flare. This is one of the best websites to create digital art online for free. 

5.  Odosketch - A wonderful site for creating beautiful sketches with colored pencils. This is one of the best websites to create digital art online for free. 

6.  Sketchpad - Create excellent paintings and drawings with this cool site. Many styles, effects and gradients for users to choose. This is one of the best websites to create digital art online for free. 

7.  Sumo Paint  - One of the most popular digital art creators on the web, very similar to Photoshop. This is one of the best websites to create digital art online for free. 

8.  Live Brush  - A wonderful free application that lets users create some beautiful designs. Includes a gallery of examples to view, too. This is one of the best websites to create digital art online for free. 

9.  Crayola Digi-Color  A very user friendly site for kids. This is one of the best websites to create digital art online for free. 

10.  Voice Draw - A unique site that lets users create art with their voice/sound. This is one of the best websites to create digital art online for free.

You can also goggle digital art apps for use on a desktop computer or tablet. Some are free and some you pay for.

Lastly, I used the desktop software Corel Painter to createa this digital painting of ballet shoesusing a Wacom Drawing Tablet.

Ballet Shoes Digital new

Fun Art Project 1: Creating Good Composition

For this art project, you will be learning about creating multiple compositions that you can choose from to form the best composition for your final project.

1. Find a 9-15ish inch long object such as a thick piece of yarn, ribbon, rope or string of some kind. It would be helpful if you had 4 pieces but 1 will work also.

2. Fold a piece of paper (computer paper or drawing/art paper of your choice) into four sections.

3. Lay the ribbon onto the table/surface in front of you. Wind, twist and fold the long object into a form that has interesting negative shapes. (Negative space: the background around an object. Try googling negative space to learn more.)

4. Draw an outline drawing of your object in this composition.

IMG 2153

5. Use your pencil or any colors to shade or paint the picture.

IMG 2154

6. Cropping. For the second section of the four squares on your page, rearrange your object or change your point of view to draw the object so it is cropped at least on one side. Cropping it should make it look like it is “running” off the page. Paint or pencil shade the picture.

IMG 2159

7. Strong Verticals. In the third section of the squares, rearrange your object or change your point of view to draw the object from an angle where you see strong vertical lines. Crop the composition on at least one side so it runs off the page.

IMG 2156

8. Overlapping. In the fourth square, add another object to the composition that overlaps your yarn/ribbbon/string object. Move your objects around until the composition is pleasing to the eye.

IMG 2155

9. Choose your favorite composition to create a final, large version of your artwork.

IMG 2158

10. Which composition do you like the best?

Little Art Project 2: Life Lines

With a pencil and paper, carefully obbserve and draw the lines on the palm of your hand. Use all or part of your observation of the lines in your palm to create an abstract design. Add as many or as few lines as you need to break up the paper in an interesting way. (I don’t have an abstract picture of a hand to post)

Pencil drawing of Hand

Little Project 1: Eating and Drawing an Apple

Try this! Set up an apple on your table or desk. Draw the outline of your apple. If you like you can shine a light on it and shade the apple. Then take a bite of your apple. Draw the outline of the apple again. Take another bite and draw another drawing of the apple. Continue as long as you like or until the apple is to the core. You can divide the paper into squares, if you like, to draw the apple on the same page each time.


Buffly ov' Apple