Art Therapy Activity 1: Mindfulness

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Mindfulness is about being present in the moment, about taking your mind off problems, worries and stressors. This exercise uses art and music to recenter your thoughts and to focus your mind in the present. There is no right or wrong way to do this-trust your intuition!

1. Choose a song. Music without words works especially well but it should also be something you enjoy.

2. Begin by listening to the music, really listening. How does the rhythm affect the feelings you want to express? Does how fast or slow (tempo) the music is affect how it makes you feel? Does a certain image come to mind?

3. Using your art materials, try to represent the feeling of the music on the page. Allow any images that come to your mind as you listen to flow into the artwork. 

Let the emotion of the music guide your experience in the moment. How does it make your body feel? What emotions does the music or art making bring up for you?

Does the final result give you inspiration for more art? Can you make a piece of art that more fully develops the ideas in the first artwork?

Did the experience focus your mind on the music in a new way?

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