Fun Art Project 1: Creating Good Composition

For this art project, you will be learning about creating multiple compositions that you can choose from to form the best composition for your final project.

1. Find a 9-15ish inch long object such as a thick piece of yarn, ribbon, rope or string of some kind. It would be helpful if you had 4 pieces but 1 will work also.

2. Fold a piece of paper (computer paper or drawing/art paper of your choice) into four sections.

3. Lay the ribbon onto the table/surface in front of you. Wind, twist and fold the long object into a form that has interesting negative shapes. (Negative space: the background around an object. Try googling negative space to learn more.)

4. Draw an outline drawing of your object in this composition.

IMG 2153

5. Use your pencil or any colors to shade or paint the picture.

IMG 2154

6. Cropping. For the second section of the four squares on your page, rearrange your object or change your point of view to draw the object so it is cropped at least on one side. Cropping it should make it look like it is “running” off the page. Paint or pencil shade the picture.

IMG 2159

7. Strong Verticals. In the third section of the squares, rearrange your object or change your point of view to draw the object from an angle where you see strong vertical lines. Crop the composition on at least one side so it runs off the page.

IMG 2156

8. Overlapping. In the fourth square, add another object to the composition that overlaps your yarn/ribbbon/string object. Move your objects around until the composition is pleasing to the eye.

IMG 2155

9. Choose your favorite composition to create a final, large version of your artwork.

IMG 2158

10. Which composition do you like the best?