Fun Art Project 2: Who Will You Become?

IMG 8508

In this painting project, you will collage another painting you do that incorporates words about who you are and who you wish to become onto a self-portrait painting.

1. Begin by writing words on an unlined, blank piece of art paper that descibe who you are: Daughter, son, sister, brother. Think of these practical desciptions as well as descriptive words such as "powerful,” “quiet,” “funny.” Then add words about who you would like to become or qualities you would like to develop: “patient,” “animal trainer.”

2. On the other side of the paper paint an abstract, brightly colored design. Set it aside to dry.

3. Using a second piece of art paper draw and paint a self-portrait head. You can make it realistic by looking at a photo or in a mirror. Or you can make it an imaginary image of yourself.  Do not draw or paint hair. Include a plain background using neutral colors. 

4. Return to the original painting. Cut it into pieces and shapes that you would like to represent the missing hair on your portrait. Using a glue stick, glue the hair shapes onto the head of your portrait.