Art-Retreat-in-an-Afternoon for Adult Groups

Nurturing Your Creative Spirit-Be Bold, Unfold, Let Go!

What is an Art-Retreat-in-an-Afternoon?  Retreats with Jill provide you with an opportunity to reconnect to your very essence. Have you given yourself time to explore your creativity?  Awaken the creativity that you may not have had time to tap into for a while!  Instead of traveling across the country to a multiple day art retreat, connect to your creative spirit here!  Jill will inspire your journey In an afternoon of art-making in your own home with a group of friends or as an adventure on your own.  Art talent or skills are not pre-requisites.  With the expert guidance of Jill everyone can experience the soul-nourishing power of letting your imagination create new ways of seeing and being in the world.  An art retreat can take you out of your comfort zone and help you expand your vision of not just creativity but life!

Giving Your Creative Spirit Wings-

What is your inner voice telling you??  Listen, it may be telling you to seek greater self-expression. Acknowledge the voice of your dreams and creativity, your life! Rediscover your dreams through art making.  Nurture your creativity and find a joy so great you'll wonder why you didn't start long ago!  Make your life a little more free and creative through art making and awakening long held dreams.

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." Pablo Picasso


Help to awaken a remembrance of who you really are in an expertly guided art project of your choice such as

Mixed Media Key and Lock Valentine

Fiber Art and Mixed Media 

"Lock and Key to My Heart"



Creating a Painting of Your Choice of Subject Matter 

"Morgensonne Rose Watercolor"

hearts with polymer clay

3-Dimensional Polymer Clay Sculptures 

"Polymer Clay Hearts"

Unbound Book

Making a Book 

"Unbound Book with Handmade Paper"


The cost of each retreat varies depending on the following factors: location, number of group members and the chosen art project.  Email Jill for a quote or more information.