Commissioned Paintings

Commission a painting today!  I am excited to announce that at this point in my career I am ready to begin accepting more commissions!  On this webpage, you will find as much information as I can give you about whether my painting style, subject matter and turn around time will fit the painting you have in mind. 

Manhattan Temple sm 1024

                                          Manhattan, New York Temple

Creative, Quality, Unique, Personal

Highest quality materials are used with the highest archival standards in mind.

Subject matter: Portraits, Action Portraits, Still Life, Conceptual Composite

Size: A good way to determine the size you want is to visit the frame aisles of a store and look at the standard sizes of frames.  I work in many different sizes

Substrate: A substrate is the material the painting is painted on.  I use two primary substrates and determine the appropriate substrate based on both the style and size of the painting.  One substrate is traditional watercolor paper.  This is the appropriate surface for larger pantings and can accommodate a painting up to 22”x30.”  It is also the best surface for a classic or traditional watercolor look.  Works on paper must be framed with mats and glass to preserve the integrity of the paper and paint over time.  The second substrate is a hardboard panel.  This substrate is best for a contemporary look that does not need framing or placing under glass though both are possible.  

Reference and Source pictures:  I always use reference pictures.  Original pictures may be used as a direct composition or may contribute to a composite to create the final version.  The original pictures can be given to the artist or taken by the artist.  Other source pictures can be from books or magazines.  


                                         Laurel, above and Elise, below


Central Park, Meeting Place


                                Leslie and Travis’s Wedding Bouquet

DSC 2791
DSC 2783

DSC 2789

                                   Eight Butterflies for Bedroom