Current Art Blog

Once again, I’m coming to the end of a dry spell where I wasn’t painting.  I have a lot of painting to catch up on!  Both things I have in progress and things I have been wanting to paint! 

Graceful Swan Lake

Swan Lake Gma reference sm

The photo for this reference came from my Grandmother’s files that I loved going through after she passed away. It was a black and white photo that I enjoyed adding color to.

NYCB Dancers

NYCB crossed arm dancers

I forget exactly where I got this reference picture, my Grandmpther’s files? The NYC Performing Arts library? Either way the original I have is black and white. The gray scale values guided me in adding color to my painting.

Dancer in Peach

Dancer in Peach


Swan Lake arched

At the Barre

At the barrre with light

Child’s Ballet Shoes

5 x 5  baby ballet shoes

Dancer Symphony #1

dancer symphony 1 corrected

Te artist Whistler didn’t like te titles of is artwork to add a narrative to te work so he often named them after musical compositions or colors. In this case, I don't know what to title this finished piece so I am calling it a symphony. Perhaps te colors do work together like a symphony. 

Ellis and Liberty

Ellis painting
Liberty painting

Ellis and Liberty are my cats.  Ellis has two furry black eyes which look at you with a wondering judgement of your next move.  Liberty has one furry black eye and is calm and loving. They are wonderful companions and I love their presence in my home.I love that Naomi has started grabbing at Liberty when she happens to get close enough. Ellis is still pretty wary of Naomi. 

I painted portraits of them as commissions for a friend. (Who apparently likes my cats as much as I do!) It is the beggining of forays into pet portrait commissions. I’d love to paint your pet’s portrait!

Pink and Yellow Flower Teacup

Pink yellow flower tea cup

I haven’t painted much since my daughter was born November 3, 2017. But the last two weeks we have spent 2-3 days a week sitting on the Coney Island boardwalk soaking up the sun while I paint. This is a teacup painting that wasn’t going in the right direction. I decided to give it another chance. Maybe the relaxing beach and sea waves and cool ocean breeze helped it along but I’m happy now with the way it turned out. A Pink and Yellow Flower Teacup.

2x2 inch Teacups

I love painting small! The small paintings turn out so elegant and delicate.