Previous Art Blog

In previous reincarnations of my website I have posted these paintings, and most recently they were posted in a blog format.  It seems that with this newest July 2012 version of my website I cannot continue to add to these previous entries so this is my "previous" blog and there is a separate "current" blog you may want to see.  While I have posted photos of my artwork before, this blog was the first place I posted the paintings with my simple commentary, a snippet of why or how the painting was painted.  I found a quote by Ted Rose that says; “The route to meaningful paintings is to find the subject that lets you represent the world through your own experience.”  I truly represent my life experience with dance through many of my paintings. I usually become obsessed with painting a certain subject, as you will see, such as dancers or butterflies.  Right now I am obsessed with children’s shoes.  I find that they represent so much of what life is about, what may come, what has come and what is.  At first the obsession started as contrasting children’s ballet shoes with adult ballet shoes and evolved into ballet shoes with street shoes and then just street shoes.  Enjoy!