About Jill

Jill and Izzy

Jill Cecil is an artist and teacher of multiple arts. Her most enduring fine art interest is watercolor painting though she loves everything from paper making to encaustic painting. She has earned two B.A. degrees, one in Dance with a Ballet emphasis and one in Fine Art with a Painting and Drawing emphasis and an M.A. degree in Dance Education.

The significant driving forces for inspiration in Jill’s life have been the worlds of Dance and Visual arts. Her intimate knowledge of the lifestyle, work and beauty in dance has inspired her to visually capture the joy, beauty, line and gracefulness of the dance world. Light and color combine to express her perspective as a dancer through Jill’s favorite medium, watercolor. 

While dancers are her favorite subject and watercolor her favored medium, she doesn’t limit herself to these.  She has been drawn to other subjects such as shoes, butterflies and flowers.  Each of these subjects has significant meaning behind them.  She uses shoes to represent the character and possibilities of the people who wear them, especially the potential of children.  Butterflies are used to represent the uniqueness of everyone’s soul, portraying the beauty and light everyone possess as well as the way we overlap and affect those around us.  Flowers have only recently become a favorite subject as an object of the beauty of this world.  

She has recently started experimenting with encaustic as she finds the possibility of the texture, transparency and color of the medium endlessly creative.  She also dabbles in handmade paper and books, art journaling and anything else that sparks her imagination!

shadow dance016

Jill Performing, Nov. 1999