Brooklyn Botanical Gardens Roses

After I went to the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx I decided to try out the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.  It was different than the other one because it had more general flora but not as many plants with actual flowers in bloom that I could access.  But, since roses are one of my favorite flowers I tried the rose garden and found these two flowers.  I was lucky because the roses aren’t in “bloom” in August--they bloom in June and September.  I took some pictures to aid in finishing the flowers later and realized that painting in life gives so much more information and color range than any picture could give.  Maybe I don’t have a good enough camera to capture the color really well but seeing the color live helped me exaggerate the color in the paintings with realistic enough results.  I should have written down the name of the rose bush!  I’m going to put the reference pictures I ended up with in the blog entry just so you can see the differences.  And they are my favorite size of course, ATC’s.