Brocade Shoes

These are part of a series that will eventually have three paintings that are 5 x 5 each.  The “Navy with Flowers” was the first one I painted in the series.  The thing about this series that is different than other paintings I’ve done is the surface that I painted on.  With watercolor you usually have to paint on paper and frame under glass to preserve the paper, but recently there have been some products created that allow you to paint on surfaces that are used mainly by oil painters such as canvas and wood supports.  I decided to try some of these alternative surfaces.  The paintings are done on a solid wood surface coated with gesso and Golden’s absorbent ground that is supposed to be like a paper surface.  It is similar to painting on hot pressed paper but needs lots of layers to build up color. 

The “Pink Brocade” painting has a darker background than I wanted it to but the painting was so pale all over before I made the background darker that the pink and the patterns were not standing out the way I wanted.