Korean National Flower

I finished painting these the other night, just after a new roommate had moved in.  When she saw them, she exclaimed; “Those are our national flower!”  I wasn’t sure my representation of the flower could accurately be recognized by anyone!  I must have done it justice because it is indeed the National Flower of South Korea, the Hibiscus Syriacus otherwise known as Sharon’s Flower.

I painted them on ATC size boards covered with Absorbant Ground.  For some reason I found these particular panels to create really hard edges, really easily and the edges had lost some Absorbnt Ground coating, hence the white left behind. I think these were two of four panels that fell out in my car after my botanical garden trip so they had probably been subjected to more heat than usual.  It’s not an experiment I’ll be repeating so maybe I’ll never know why they were harder than usual to paint on!

It was nice to put my brush to work again!