Art Lessons

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Are you interested in learning to paint with watercolors?  Are you a complete beginner or looking to enhance your skills?  Anyone can learn to paint regardless of previous experiences.  Private and small group lessons are available.  Private lessons are 60 minute lessons arer $35 in your home or $20 in my home.  All supplies including professional grade paper, paint and brushes are included in the first four classes for a materials fee of $10.  This allows you  to decide if the classes are right for you, you don't have to put out the money to purchase materials that you may decide you won't use again after four classes!  What have you got to lose!?

I teach watercolor from a realistic perspective starting from pencil drawings on watercolor paper.  Using a wet on dry method students will learn to layer and glaze, create washes and keep colors crisp and clean.  It is my teaching philosophy to use reference photos and still life setups of subjects of interest to the student. 

Materials for watercolor are important and influence the end result, therefore I guide my students to use materials that will enhance their successes.  I use a palette of colors that include tube colors Alizarin Crimson, Cad Red Med, Violet, Van Dyke Brown, Burnt Siena, Yellow Ochre, New Gamboge, Cad Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Cerulean Blue and Pthalo Blue.  I exclusively use Loew Cornell Ultra Round Watercolor brushes series 7020 with the telltale black handle and red stripe.  I use sizes ranging from 6 to 14.  I also use single sheets of Arches 140 lb. or 300 lb. cold press paper cut or torn to size.  And a watercolor palette such as the Mijello Fusion 18 well palette.

I am a public school teacher with a Master’s degree in education.  My experiences with the arts have led me to believe it is not enough for me to be merely an artist.  It would be truly negligent of me to not share my profound belief in the power of the arts.  It is my objective to be able to open the world of visual art to students.  I want to give my students the same opportunities to learn and love the arts that I have been given.